Need to sell your home fast? Want to move to a different house? It doesn’t matter what situation you are in as we really DO BUY houses in all conditions and sizes. We will buy your single or multi-family home in Toledo with cash and close within 10 days. That’s right, within 10 days. Give us some information about your home by using the contact form on the right and one of our purchasing experts will get in touch right way. Scroll down this page if you want to learn more about us or how the home selling process at Sell Your House Toledo works.


We Really D BUY Houses


We really DO BUY houses from everyone and anyone in all shapes and sizes. Here’s how our process generally works.

Tell Us About Your Situation

Fill out the contact form above, send us a message below or simply give us a call at (419) 244-8616 to tell us about the house you would like to sell. If we don’t answer right away, you will be greeted by a friendly answering machine so please follow the prompts and leave a detailed message. Within 48 hours a knowledgeable purchasing specialist will call you back to further discuss the features of your home as well as your unique selling situation. The goal here is to gain a good understanding of what your selling objectives are.

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Information Review

We review the information that you give us and we’ll schedule an inspection of your home. This way, we can have a better understanding of the property value. At Sell Your House Toledo a representative will review city taxes, prior sale information for your home and general market information. We want to be as fair and as informed as possible when estimating a value for your home.

We Present an Offer

We will only be presenting you with an offer once you provide us with a ball park price of what you think your home is worth. If this price is close to our perceived value of your home, then we will further evaluate and submit an offer. The process is about a win/win scenario for both you and us. We make sure that we answer any questions you have relating to our offer, the closing time frame, the title company procedure or any other necessary information.

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We Can close with CASH within 10 days

At Sell Your House Toledo we are always willing to put our money where our mouth is. As soon as you make a decision we can close the sale with cash and within 10 days. The closing timeframe will be dependent on you and your needs. All transactions go through a third-party, trusted and licensed escrow company. This means that we will both get fair treatment and equal protection.






Sell Your House Toledo is a subsidiary of Ohio Cashflow, based on Secor Rd in Toledo, Ohio. We are known throughout town as the company with the blue and yellow building along with being one of Toledo’s premier cash buyers of single and multi-family homes. On average per year, we purchase about 70 – 100 properties in Toledo, Ohio market. We specialize in real estate solutions for pretty much any hard-to-sell property. If you are thinking about selling your home even if you are in a very unusual selling situation, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly assist in anyway.


We have a very unique slogan on our office building walls: “We Really DO BUY Houses”. The reason for this is because WE REALLY DO. Other companies in town that offer to buy your home NEVER have a genuine interest in closing on the transaction. They hook you under contract for a set price and then try “wholesaling” your home to someone else for a higher price. This is a dishonest and non-genuine approach to this type of business. We have helped lots of folks like you that have had a hard time selling and we bought their homes in a very short amount of time. So, whether this is the first place you’ve looked or you’re down to very few options, you’ve found the right company that can help.


Over the years, our big brother company Ohio Cashflow has come to be known as one of the most reputable and best branded turnkey real estate investment companies in the country. If it wasn’t for Sell Your House Toledo though, none of this would be possible. Sell Your House Toledo has been responsible for speaking to thousands of sellers and understanding the difficulties that many are facing. We’ve purchased hundreds of homes in the Toledo region since we got started. Don’t wait another minute to call or reach out to us. All consultations are completely confidential, free of charge and there is absolutely zero obligation. We are happy to be of service.



Who sells homes to SellYourHouseToledo?

This is definitely the most frequent question we get. We buy houses from people all over the state of Ohio with a main focus on the Toledo market. People who are in different situations, people from all walks of life. There’s only one thing those people have in common: they want to sell their homes quickly, hassle-free and to an honest homebuyer. We provide by far the quickest acquisition process out of any other company in Toledo.

What kind of homes does SellYourHouseToledo buy?

We use a broad set of criteria to determine the houses we buy. Out big brother company Ohio Cashflow usually determines those criteria depending on the time of year along with its company strategies. Here are some examples of houses we might buy:

1 – Houses that are in need of minor or major renovations.

2 – Houses that have back taxes owing or even liens against them.

3 – Houses currently going through foreclosure but aren’t yet foreclosed on.

4 – Houses that are vacant or hold bad memories for the homeowner.

5 – Houses that are estate sales or are going through the probate court.

Do you buy townhouses and condos as well?

Yes, we do. We also buy land, duplexes, fourplexes, large multi-family buildings and sometimes even commercial properties.

How is the value of my home determined?

Every property is different and many people will have different perceptions of what a property is worth. At SellYourHouseToledo we always look after your best interests along with making sure that the acquisition price will make sense for our business model. Below you will find a set of criteria we use to determine the value of your home:
1 – The current condition of your house.
2 – The cost and extent of repairs and renovations required.
3 – The amount of time it will take to complete needed repairs and renovations.
4 – The market value of your house compared to others in the area after completing repairs and renovations.
5 – The amount of real estate commissions required to sell the house after repairs and renovations.
6 – The cost of maintaining the house during repairs and renovations until it’s ready to put on the market, including insurance, taxes, loan payments, utilities, and more.
7 – The time frame in which you want us to purchase your home.

Do you pay market value for my property?

After answering your questions and evaluating the condition of your house, along with listening to your wants and needs, we will make a fair, no-obligation, all cash offer on your house. The offer will be discounted from the expected retail value after the renovation is complete. We will buy your house, but only at a price below market value so it can resell after renovation for a profit. However, we will pay cash for your house and close as quickly as you want us to. We can also take care of normal closing costs. These are conveniences that require us to purchase the property at a discount but only at a price that you are still comfortable with.

How does the house buying process work?

Give us some brief information about your house by calling us at 419-244-8616, or filling out and submitting our convenient website contact form. A Sell Your House Toledo representative will contact you quickly to arrange a visit to your house. Our representative will explain the entire selling process to you and answer all of your Sell Your House Toledo questions before evaluating the condition of your house and making a fair cash offer. If you accept our no-obligation cash offer, we’ll quickly set up the closing with a reputable title company so you get your cash out of your house fast. Alternatively, if you need more time and aren’t in a rush, we can also meet that demand by scheduling a later closing date that better meets your needs.

Will you buy a mobile home?

No, we don’t buy single mobile homes of any kind but we might be interested in a mobile home park. Give us a call or fill out our form to discuss further.

Will I have to pay a fee for you to visit and make an offer on my house?

Definitely not. You do not have to pay a single dollar to have us answer your questions, visit your house or make an all cash offer for your property. This is our gift to you for the privilege of entertaining a sale of your house to our company Sell Your House Toledo.

Am I obligated to you in any way if I call or submit your website contact form with information about my house?

NO. You are NEVER under any obligation to SellYourHouseToledo when you contact us via phone or our website contact form. We answer your questions, evaluate your house and make a no-obligation all cash offer free of charge. We are happy to give you our time and all the information you need. It’s all up to you whether you decide to sell to us or not. If nothing else, at least give us a call as we have many contacts and can point you in the right direction. Real estate is our passion and we love seeing everyone getting the most desired outcome.

Who is Sell Your House Toledo?

Sell Your House Toledo is part of Ohio Cashflow, based in Toledo, Ohio. We are Toledo’s premier cash buyer of single and multi-family homes. We specialize in real estate solutions for pretty much any hard-to-sell property. With years of experience in the Toledo area, we have helped hundreds of homeowners gain clarity about their home selling options. We take great pride in our community and in improving it. We strive to provide top dollar to home sellers in bad situations as well as meaningful work for local contractors as we renovate the homes and make them shine like new. Sell Your House Toledo is a company that has everyone’s best interest at heart and is always looking for a win/win outcome for all the parties involved.

If you are thinking about selling your home even if you are in an unusual selling situation, get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out.

Can you answer more of my Sell Your House Toledo?

Sure! We’re happy to answer any other Sell Your House Toledo question you may have and if we can’t help you, at least we will point you in the right direction. Please contact us through our website or give us a call at 419-244-8616 to speak personally with one of our friendly house buying experts anytime.



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